11 Math Homework Strategies For High School Students

High school students have too many problems to negotiate; and such is the hormonal imbalance at that age that they tend to make mountains out of molehills. We have to admit, though, that any dread related to Math is very much in the line.

The mental block

Math homework often defeats you even before you contemplate completing it. There is something mystical about numbers, lines and curves. One wonders how Einstein never got bothered by it. There are a few strategies, however, which may help you coast through the assignments. Here are a few tips and tricks –

  1. Identify your blind spots – There may be portions in Math which is absolutely Greek to you. You should identify them as areas for special treatment.
  2. Practice the easier segments – You should keep on practicing the easier segments so that you may fly like the wind when homework pertains to those segments.
  3. Learning formulae by rote – You should learn all relevant Math formulae by heart. If you find that arduous, keep them written on your study wall for regular reference.
  4. Be passionate – There is something about Math that even the thought of negotiating it deflates you. Try taking things positively and it will expedite your homework.
  5. Spend time with Math geniuses – Spending time with math geniuses and learning from them how to incorporate your little knowledge into practical advantage will help you immensely. It will make you a better student.
  6. Taking tuitions – Mere education at school may not make you conversant in the subject. You should hone your skills by employing the services of a private tutor.
  7. Worksheets – The harder arenas, say Algebra or Trigonometry may pose severe homework issues. You should take suitable guidance from relevant worksheets. You should also purchase specific books and mock papers on the segments to practice.
  8. Grab concept – Math is all about gaining concept. Once you are well to do with the subject, homework will cease to be an issue with you.
  9. Talking with bright friends – Your classmates who are good in the subject may open a magnificent route to success. You should ask them the reason behind their expertise.
  10. Be good with tertiary matters – Those who are good with tables, calculations, formulae and their deft use generally are good with the subject as well. Try being better in this stream for the benefit of your homework.
  11. Be frank with parents – State your parents clearly as to what bothers you in Math. Let them devise methods to make your fear less about the subject. After all, what are parents for!