Where To Find Good Engineering Homework Solutions

There are some subjects that are considered fairly simple or at least intuitive while others seem confusing or inaccessible to most people. Engineering falls squarely into the later camp. Much like sciences, math and technology, it follows very precise rules and once the initial effort is put in to learn the rules, it can have its own sort of simplicity. Until you reach that level of understanding, here are some places that you can check out for solutions to your homework.

The smartest students in your class

Even if the assignment appears incomprehensible to you, someone else in the class may be bored by it. Look for the smart ones and ask for their help. If you are a friendly person, you most likely would have initiated contact at some time in the past and they should not be unwilling to provide assistance.

The back of the textbook

Not every text book has this feature but if the one you were assigned for the course has answers to the back, all you need to do is check. These solutions will not always have explanations but if you have the answer, that at least gives you a starting point from which you can plan the rest of your strategy to approaching the problem


Online forums

You can use forums to find the smartest students in other engineering classes around the entire world. Some of the people who frequent these forums may have already graduated and have established themselves in the field. Ask them anything. They are likely to assist you because of how passionate this particular subject makes them.

Supplemental textbooks

The book you were assigned may be extremely helpful but at times it is useful to read the lesson in someone else’s words. They may also use the question that you were assigned as an example. This can give you an in depth answer. You can buy one, borrow one from a library or a friend. There are even open source texts that you can download at no cost without breaking any laws.

Your tutor

If you work with a tutor you can ask about the questions that regularly stump you. He or she might be willing to supply you with an answer and an explanation if this seems to be the best way to get you to learn.

With enough practice, you will be able to source solutions from your own mind.