5 Simple Tips To Help You Find Motivation To Do Homework

How many times you went to school without your homework and you promised to yourself that it will not happen again? Every student will experience this, because it’s difficult for any teenager to focus on something he does not like. There are so many different subjects you need to study for, that you would better put everything aside and watch a movie. Well, if you want to finish your education with good grades this is not a good method to apply. Why better not try some tricks that will make you more motivated?

  1. Ask your mother to prepare your favorite food, and tell her that you will eat after you finish your work. You are already hungry because you just came home from school, so you will rush to finish everything so you can eat. Of course, you need to be honest with yourself if you want this trick to work. Keep your work and don’t get up from the desk until you don’t finish everything.
  2. Reward yourself. Applying the same principle I explained above, make a deal with yourself. If you have high grades this week, you can go in weekend and watch your favorite movie. For sure this will offer you enough motivation to study even when you are not in the mood to do so.
  3. Start a competition. If you have a good friend in your class, use this to improve your grades. Discuss with him and start a competition on who will have the best marks in a week. For sure it will be fun and entertaining for both of you and, as a bonus, you will study without feeling it as a burden.
  4. Divide everything in small pieces. When you have in front of you a huge text that you have to memorize, you will feel discouraged from the very beginning. To prevent this, you have to divide it in small texts that seem more easy. Take them one by one and you will not even realize when you finished analyzing them.
  5. Make it fun. Instead of reading a complicated scientific paper, you can watch a documentary that explains the same principles in simple words. Also, if you have to learn for anatomy or biology, make drawings that will be fun and make you memorize faster. If you are entertained during homework, you will not be tempted to procrastinate.