Coping with Geography Homework: Tips for Middle School Students

The world is a wide place, but it is important that students know where countries are located. Not only should they know locations, but also they need to be aware of culture, history, and tradition within different geographical sectors. Use our tips for middle school students who are coping with geography homework.

Tips for Middle School Students Coping with Geography Homework

  • Know the continents-start with memorizing and knowing the continents and the locations of the continents. Grasping this alone will help with the class comprehension. Use blank maps of the world as practice tools when learning these. This is a great tip for coping with geography homework.
  • Be aware of their country-before you begin to look at other countries, know your country first. The reason for this is that you are going to find bits and pieces of your country in other countries. This is true especially if you are America, as America is the land of immigrants.
  • Use maps-either use hand copy maps or online maps for the learning of locations. Quizzing yourself will do wonders for grasping the locations. You can practice on the blank maps.
  • Look at the people, history, and traditions-as you go country-to-country, get to know the background, the people, the language, and traditions. There are online quizzes where you can quiz yourself as you get to know the people. Remember, a country is much more than just a landmass. Look for books that have photos on the countries, so you can see visual evidence.
  • Know name changes-this tip for middle school students can be fun. As you are looking at the countries that have changed names or simply disappeared, make a rap song or a silly poem out of them. If you are not musically inclined, you could make an acronym for the countries.
  • Online games and apps-explore one of the thousands of free and low-pay apps and online sites that give you country information, games, and quizzes. Most kids love their hones and tablets, so using them as a learning tool just make sense.
  • Online videos-some people can read something a thousand times, and never absorb it. Those people may be visual learners and might be better served by watching one of the hundreds of videos about different locations that can be found on the Internet. This is a great way to cope with geography homework.