Using Music To Focus On Homework: Expert Suggestions

Music has been defined as a form of art that has the capabilities to stir up a listener’s emotions, with the ability to also motivate and at the same time, alter a person’s mood. Little wonder why some students use music to help them focus on homework. For some who hate the idea of sitting down to tackle various assignments they took home from school, they find solace in listening to the right music why they deal with their academic take-home work. Over the years, there have been mixed results as far as studying and listening to music at the same time is concerned.

A good number of students believe that it is the distraction of the music they are listening to that helps them channel most of their focus and energy to the task they have at hand – starting and completing their homework. The truth is that, as the saying goes, it is different strokes for different folks. While some people might concentrate while they listen to music, others might just lose complete concentration on what they are doing. However, for those who use music to focus on their assignments, it is not all music that works this magic. Let’s analyze two types of music and how they can impact on your concentration.

  • Lyrics-containing music: This type of music has never been prescribed to go along with studying. The major reason is that with the lyrics being blared out of your speakers, the part of your brain that is saddled with processing languages is automatically activated thereby causing distractions. It becomes increasingly difficult for you to concentrate and process whatever information you are reading or working on. So, this is a big no during your studies and as you deal with your homework.
  • Instrumental: This particular type of music is the lesser of two evils when compared to music that contains lyrics. As a matter of fact, some people tend to feel more relaxed when they listen to this type of music. Due to the sound of the instruments, it is also rated as distracting to some point.

There is a downside however, to using music to focus on homework. The downside is that some studies have shown that those who are able to process the information they are reading during study time are in for trouble if they are required to recall same information without any music playing in the background. Yes, using music to focus on your academic work can create challenges later, especially if solving your homework problems in a quiet environment becomes the only option you have.