How To Do Homework In English – Advice From A Teacher

Homework in English may differ from homework that you are required to do in other fields of study. If you are doing Science homework, your tutor may correct some of the major language errors that you make but may not mark you down if your grammar is poor but you have exhibited a sound understanding of the Scientific concepts.

The best advice and support that a teacher can give a student about their homework in English, is by helping that student to understand some of the pit falls that they may encounter. Try following some of these useful tips and ideas that are designed to help you through the daunting task of Homework in English.

Some of the tasks that you area asked to do for your English Homework may seem a little random, but be assured that your teacher has a purpose for asking you to complete a particular task. On the face of it being asked to write about 'My Holiday', may seem a little simplistic but the reasons behind this assignment may be:

  • to make you the student write in a very focused and clear style.
  • to match the assignments to the skills, needs and interests.
  • to give homework that can make the task of the assignment very personal.
  • to encourage and challenge the students.
  • to promote study skills.
  • to support the integration of ideas and thoughts in written form.
  • to develop writing skills that meet current needs, by basing the content on real and immediate experiences.
  • to acquire the skills to write independently and using the appropriate language. The importance of this is that we use 'different language' for 'different audiences'. (written language is different to the verbal language that we use, and verbal language will depend on our audience).

These are some of the reasons that you may be asked to write a variety of assignments. Some assignments may promote creative writing skills and other reporting skills. Writing an argumentative essay requires different skills to a writing descriptive essay. If you are not sure which skills are being highlighted in the task then ask your teacher to tell you.

Take the time to understand what is required of you and what skills you are developing. Remember not to use colloquial or conversational terms when you are writing unless you are developing the skills that you would need to write blogs. Other developing skills would include proofreading your work and editing.